Basil is also known as ‘royal’ or ‘great’ basil and has been around for centuries. Back then, it was used mainly for its medicinal properties, nowadays in the kitchen. Its powerful aroma, Basil is slightly sweet but also peppery


Chives are closely related to onions, leeks and garlic. What is more interesting, is that they are a crop from the daffodil family. Chives grow in clusters and resemble grass with their long, narrow stalks and bright green colour


Mint has been used for various purposes since ancient times: as a medicinal herb, for culinary purposes and as an essential oil. Our Kenyan mint is cool and fresh


Oregano is slightly stronger than Marjoram, which has floral and peppery aspects. Oregano is especially used in kitchens around the Mediterranean. The sturdy sprigs are green-purple in colour


Rosemary has a very distinctive and recognisable aroma attributable to the essential oils it contains. The taste is intense and reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine. The twigs grow on a hardy shrub, with needle-like leaves in two colours: dark green on top, white on the bottom


A spicy aroma, a bitter flavour: sage has a character of its own in the kitchen now popular with Italian chefs. The leaf is notable for its tender, almost velvety structure. The colour varies from grey-green to silver-grey


Although originally from Central Asia, it is actually the great French chefs who have given this herb its reputation. It is a green herb with a mild, slightly sweet aroma that also tends slightly towards aniseed and pepper

Thyme / Lemon Thyme

Thyme is especially used in dishes with origins in Provence or Greece. Used fresh, the herb is known for its subtle aroma and delicious savoury taste. A woody shrub with plenty of elegant small branches and lots of tiny green leaves. In Kenya, we grow both Thyme and Lemon Thyme